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12.08.06 - Ashley and I are throwing a Joint Birthday party / Christmas Party / House Warming Party at our new house.  We will have all the carpet and new vinyl down by then, while everything will not be unpacked, we will have all the furniture in the house.   We wanted to get everyone together to say thanks for all the help with the house.  Knowing what it looked like when we bought it and what it looks like now... it is amazing. 
Also, we will be exchanging presents that night as well for Christmas.  To save money, the guys need to buy a present for the guys and the girls buy a present for the girls.  The present needs to be no more than $20.00 and also needs to be wrapped and tagged for a guy or girl.  No gag gifts please. 
*Food and drinks will be provided.  Everyone is welcome to spend the night. You may want to bring a blanket and a pillow... remember we only have one spare bedroom.  a couple can crash in the office, a couple in the entry room, and a couple of people in the living room, and of course someone in the 2nd bedroom.  I still haven't made up my mind if there is going to be alcohol there yet.  Anywho.... Hope to see you all there.    Please be at the house at or around 2:00.  Please do not come any earlier!